Leading in Sustainable Natural Playgrounds

For NORNA PLAYGROUNDS, sustainability and responsibility are integral and natural parts of our development and daily operations – it is the core of our business. In a world where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, we lead the way with sustainable natural playgrounds.

When children play on our playground equipment, they are surrounded by FSC®-certified wood, harvested with respect for nature. Our commitment goes beyond just the wood we use. We are determined to reduce our own CO2 footprint, achieved in part through investments in solar energy and geothermal heat. As part of our ongoing effort for nature, we have transformed a former Christmas tree plantation into a biodiversity ecosystem, restoring nature’s balance and creating a habitat for both animals and plants.

By choosing NORNA PLAYGROUNDS as your playground equipment provider, you are also choosing a vision of a greener and more sustainable future for our children.


Wood – Nature’s CO2 Bank

NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ play equipment is made in a sustainable and safe design from FSC®-certified wood and wood from other controlled sources

Wood is one of the most sustainable raw materials we have. As trees grow, they absorb CO2. When they are harvested, the wood retains the CO2 it has absorbed, making wood the most CO2-neutral material.

The predominant wood type in most of our play equipment is robinia wood. This wood type possesses many excellent qualities, the most important here being its long lifespan. Robinia wood has the longest lifespan when in contact with soil. When investing in a robinia wood playground, the stored CO2 can remain bound for up to 32 years. All our wood comes from FSC®-certified European forests and other controlled sources.

FSC® Certification – Sustainable Wood

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), FSC® is the most credible and robust certification scheme for forestry. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS has been FSC® certified for Chain-of-Custody since 2011, which is a traceability certification. This means we must always document the path of FSC® products from the forest to the final product. Download our FSC®-certificate here.

As an FSC®-certified company, we ensure that all wood in our playgrounds comes from sustainably managed forests and other responsible sources This means, among other things, that trees are felled to maintain constant forest cover, rare plants are protected, and the forest’s drinking water and streams are preserved naturally. FSC® certified forests also protects animals that are deeply dependent on natural resources. In addition, sacred places, dwellings, and hunting areas are preserved, and local workers are employed. Moreover, a percentage of the forest’s income is used for local schools, infrastructure, and water supply.

SMART PACKING – Environmental Responsibility

Our SMART PACKING initiative has reduced our plastic and packaging consumption, and the way our playgrounds are packed helps minimize the environmental impact from transport.

Our unique modular pre-drilling system, SMART ROBINIA, makes SMART PACKING possible. Pre-drilling the equipment allows us to split the shipment and pack in smaller units. These smaller units mean that the play equipment/playground can be shipped as regular cargo along with other goods, reducing the environmental impact from transport.

When packaging, we use minimal packaging and primarily recycled cardboard.

Renewable Energy Sources – Solar Energy and Geothermal Heat

With 316 m² of solar panels on our roof and an extensive geothermal heating system, we have taken a significant step towards exclusively using green energy sources.

The electricity we cannot produce ourselves is purchased  as certified eco-friendly power, generated by 100% hydropower.

Solar Panels
316 m2
Solar Panel Production
90,355 kWh (Jan.-Sept. 2023)
Geothermal System
4,000 m of ground loops

Thermia Mega XL Heat Pump, output: 81.9 kW (SCOP 5.3)
Geothermal Production
275,930 kWh (Jan.-Sept. 2023)

CO2 emissions 2021-2023 (3 fiscal quarters)

In 2023, NORNA PLAYGROUNDS reached a milestone by becoming self-sufficient in heating. This led to an impressive reduction in our CO2 emissions by over 80% compared to the first three quarters of 2022 (Location-based calculation method). 

We have reduced our CO2 emissions from 108 tons to 19 tons in 2023. In the graph below tonnage has been converted into kilograms to better illustrate the development.

Electricity Production from Solar Panels vs. Geothermal Energy Consumption

In the third quarter of 2023, our solar panels generated enough electricity to cover the energy needs of our geothermal system.

All numbers and calculations are validated by:

Flowers in field

Biodiversity in Focus

We have transformed a 9,125 m2 area into a biodiverse ecosystem.

NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ backyard was previously a Christmas tree plantation, which is a monoculture that reduces biodiversity in and around the area. Diversity is the norm in nature, promoting the basis of life for various animals, plants, and insects.

Our contribution to promoting biodiversity has been to transform the Christmas tree plantation into a certified biodiverse ecosystem. The area now has a variety of native plants that contribute to restoring a piece of original Danish nature.

Additional Initiatives

  • Machinery and Vehicles: We are transitioning to electrically powered vehicles and tools wherever possible. This is part of our ongoing effort to reduce our CO2 emissions.
  • Material Utilization and Waste Sorting: We minimize waste by designing our equipment to achieve the best possible utilization of all our materials. All waste, from production to office, is responsibly sorted.
  • Sustainable Partners: We choose suppliers who share our focus on sustainability. They must be able to document their processes and materials and have a willingness to work towards greener solutions.

Global Responsibility Starts Locally

NORNA PLAYGROUNDS has a responsibility to people, animals, and nature. Therefore, we support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. All goals are essential, and through our FSC® certification, we support 14 out of the 17 goals.

We have chosen to focus on the following goals:

12 Responsible Consumption and Production: NORNA PLAYGROUNDS actively promotes sustainable consumption and production methods within the playground industry. Through responsible purchasing of FSC®-certified wood, investing in renewable energy sources like solar panels and geothermal heat, our SMART PACKING initiative, and our efficient use of materials to avoid waste in production, we reduce our ecological footprint.

15 Life on Land: NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is committed to protecting and promoting sustainable terrestrial ecosystems through their business practices. By focusing on using FSC®-certified wood, we ensure that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests where biodiversity and ecosystems are protected, and other responsible sources. Additionally, we have taken steps to actively promote biodiversity by transforming a former Christmas tree area into a biodiverse ecosystem. We aim to support and assist in restoring natural ecosystems and contribute to halting the loss of biodiversity.

17 Partnerships for Action: NORNA PLAYGROUNDS recognizes the importance of partnerships and collaboration in achieving sustainable solutions. We are committed to collaborating with suppliers, local stakeholders, and other interested parties to promote sustainability in the industry. For example, we have partnered with “Let it bee A/S” to enhance biodiversity, and our FSC® certification ensures sustainable wood production.