NORNA ARC represents a fusion between architectural design and playful innovation. Developed in collaboration with architect John Hansen, this series is created with a clear focus on offering play equipment with a simple, strong design that fits perfectly into urban environments. Each piece of play equipment is shaped down to the smallest detail and presents multiple layers that invite children to explore both physically and socially.

Quality and sustainability

NORNA ARC stands for quality and unique design. All equipment in this series combines high-quality FSC®-certified Robinia wood with post dimensions of Ø14-16 cm and Ø18-20 cm supplemented with robust A2-steel. This creates a perfect balance between natural materials and modern design.

Easy installation

Unique to the NORNA ARC series is the possibility for surface installation. With a newly developed post base, which not only lives up to the vision of a strong design but also offers an innovative “stirrup”, installation is easy and flexible. For most pieces of equipment, a safety surface is necessary.


All pieces of play equipment are manufactured following the safety requirements of the DS/EN 1176 standard. Furthermore, all play equipment in the ARC series is TÜV-certified. With integrated yellow vertical elements in the climbing nets, the series offers a natural and safe entry to the play equipment, while these elements highlight the equipment’s incline and the dynamic design that stimulates children’s imagination.

Play without boundaries in urban design

The NORNA ARC series offers play equipment, all designed to challenge and excite children of different ages. From steel structures with integrated “tread stools” to climbing nets with unique design elements, NORNA ARC ensures that there are so many layers in each piece of play equipment, that children have a playful experience that is both fun, challenging, and aesthetically appealing.