NORNA ARC embodies the cooperation of architectural elegance and playful innovation. Developed alongside architect John Hansen, this series is particularly designed to integrate seamlessly into urban landscapes. Each piece is a testament to detailed craftsmanship offering layers of exploration that encourage both physical and social engagement among children.

SMART ROBINIA® is a pre-drilled system that ensures safe, correct, and easy installation without the use of special tools. 


Stainless-steel pipes Ø60 mm (AISI 304-A2).

FSC®-certified robinia wood. Post dimensions: Ø14-16 cm and Ø18-20 cm.


Sustainable synergy
in play

The trademark of NORNA ARC is its quality and unique design. Combining robinia wood with durable steel creates a beautiful balance between the warm charm of natural materials and the streamlined appeal of modern aesthetics.

The materials have been chosen for their strength, sustainability, and long lifetime.

All equipment is FSC®- certified and combines high-quality robinia wood with post dimensions of Ø14-16 cm and Ø18-20 cm with robust stainless-steel pipes Ø60 mm (AISI 304-A2).


Physical skills and
social spaces

The ARC series prioritizes high play value through a focus on physical development, social interaction, and sensory stimulation.

It offers alternative entry points and challenges that enhance motor skills. The design encourages children to hangout fostering connections among peers. Sensory engagement with various materials enriches the experience.

This blend of physical activity, sensory impressions, and social space makes the ARC series a versatile choice for enhancing urban playgrounds.


Installation made simple

The ARC series stands out for its installation flexibility offering three installation options tailored to different environments and surfaces.

Introducing “Robinia in Ground” for the ARC series, our standard installation method that simplifies production, offers a more economical solution. Save between 8-21% on the price compared to the cast-in anchors option, see SUN ARC 1 (Remember to log in for prices).

The cast-in anchors option is still available and for the ultimate flexibility in challenging urban environments the surface mounting option.

All equipment in the ARC series is made using SMART ROBINIA®, a unique pre-drilled system that ensures safe and easy installation, saving time during playground construction.

Complete documentation is available for 5 of our best selling products

Savings compared to cast-in anchors shown below. Go to product by clicking the product name and see prices, remember to log in first.

Upon request, we are ready to prepare documentation for any other play equipment in the series with the “Robinia in ground” installation option.


SAVE 21%


SAVE 16%




SAVE 20%


SAVE 17%

Step pad
The integrated step pad on the steel structures can be used either as an entry or exit point on the playground equipment or simply as a resting place.
Non-slip rubber Ø250 mm

Yellow elements in climbing net
The yellow vertical elements in the climbing nets provide a natural entry point. The color emphasizes the incline and the abstract and dynamic design.
Taifun rope Ø16 mm

Post support with step bar
This post support creates a firm and solid foundation for the equipment. The post has a small integrated step bar which offers an alternative entry point. (exclusive to cast-in anchors and surface mounting).
Stainless steel pipe Ø60 mm (AISI 304-A2).


Innovative play in urban spaces

Designed to captivate and challenge, the ARC series presents a variety of structures, from steel frameworks with integrated step pads, post supports with a step bar, to uniquely designed climbing nets.

These features ensure a multi-layered play experience that is as stimulating and enjoyable as it is aesthetic.

Explore the image to learn about the three elements that invite to play.

Certified safety and sustainability

Each piece of equipment is carefully manufactured to meet the standards of EN 1176.
TÜV certification across the board guarantees that every playground is a haven for adventure.
The ARC series is not only safe, it is also sustainable. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS only uses FSC®-certified wood and
wood from other controlled sources for its production.
With SMART ROBINA® you are guaranteed safe and easy installation.

Explore sizes

Discover the perfect fit for your urban space by comparing the sizes of the ARC equipment.
From experience, most of the equipment is larger than it is perceived from product renderings and pictures. Most of the equipment is recommended from age 5.
Below examples  give you an idea of the size based on height though not accurately at scale.

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