Playground equipment from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is product liability insured and complies with the provisions of the European standard for playground equipment EN 1176.

These guarantees apply where errors occur due to material or production defects.

25 YEAR WARRANTY: Galvanized load-bearing parts, Steel posts, Stainless steel components.

20 YEAR WARRANTY: HPL components, HDPE panels.

15-YEAR WARRANTY: Substantial rot in Robinia wood.*

10-YEAR WARRANTY: Other galvanized parts, Significant rot in other treated wood.*

5 YEAR WARRANTY: Springs included in tilting elements, Pronounced corrosion of painted metal parts, Molded plastic parts, Climbing nets and rope structures.

2 YEAR WARRANTY: Movable plastic and metal parts, Sun sails, Hammocks, pronounced cracking in Robinia wood.

This warranty does not apply:

  • Natural wear, discoloration and surface corrosion.
  • If the product is not maintained, if it is not handled properly, or if it is subjected to abnormal use or vandalism.
  • If the buyer has not carried out and documented inspection and maintenance as stated in “information for the owner from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS and the products’ maintenance instructions (appendix – operational inspection)
  • If the product is assembled in a way that contravenes NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ assembly instructions.
  • If the product is exposed to environmental influences that NORNA PLAYGROUNDS could not foresee.
  • Corrosion damage caused by the product being exposed directly to salt water (the warranty period is halved for corrosion damage in cases where the product is placed within 200 m of the coast).
  • The use of wood chips (or similar natural materials) as a fall base for play equipment is not recommended where the play equipment has wooden posts mounted below ground level. In these cases, the warranty period drops to 10 years for Robinia wood and 2 years for other types of wood.
  • If the product is used together with or built together with products not approved by NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S.
  • If the buyer does not notify NORNA PLAYGROUNDS of the defect within three (3) months from the day the defect was discovered or should have been discovered.


In order to make a warranty claim, the customer must present:

  • Purchase invoice.
  • Photo documentation.
  • Documentation that inspection and maintenance have taken place in accordance with “Information from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS on Inspection & Maintenance for the owner”
  • For justified complaints where the customer wishes to remedy the problem themselves, the price and remedy method must always be agreed with NORNA PLAYGROUNDS before starting up.

If this is not observed, NORNA PLAYGROUNDS will not cover costs for this, and the warranty on the equipment will expire.

If a dispute arises regarding the guarantee, it must be settled by arbitration in Denmark at a place determined by NORNA PLAYGROUNDS. Further information can be found in NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ sales and delivery conditions: https://www.norna-playgrounds.com/information/salgs-og-leveringskondition

3.1: NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S provides a 15-year guarantee against decay caused by rot and fungus on the wood variety Robinia, where the decay has an extent where the load-bearing capacity of the wood is insufficient in relation to EN 1176. Deterioration that only affects the appearance is not covered.

*4.2: NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S provides a 10-year guarantee against degradation caused by rot and fungus on “other treated wood”, where the degradation has an extent where the load-bearing capacity of the wood is insufficient in relation to EN 1176. Degradation that only affects the appearance , is not covered.