NORNA CORE is the essence of NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ assortment, where well-known core products are combined with high quality and a timeless design. The series offers a comprehensive range of natural play equipment, ensuring solutions for all age groups and needs. Be aware of the critical fall height, as many of the play equipment in the NORNA CORE series require a specific safety surface.

Quality and sustainability

NORNA CORE symbolizes quality and sustainability. All play equipment in the series is made from high-quality FSC®-certified Robinia wood. With post dimensions of Ø14-16 cm or Ø16-18 cm, NORNA CORE combines solid quality with a timeless design.

Easy installation

Most of the play equipment in the NORNA CORE series is prefabricated and pre-drilled with the unique SMART ROBINIA® pre-drilling system. This guarantees a quick and trouble-free installation without the need for special tools. However, consider if there is a need for a specific safety surface.


Safety is a core value at NORNA PLAYGROUNDS. All play equipment in the NORNA CORE series is produced in accordance with the DS/EN 1176 standard, and the majority of key products in the series are TÜV-certified, underscoring their safety and quality.

Natural play in timeless design

The NORNA CORE series presents a wide range of play equipment, from climbing towers and zip lines to sand and water play. With a versatile range of natural play equipment appealing to different age groups, NORNA CORE ensures that all children find suitable challenges on the playground. The equipment is designed to be timeless and robust, ensuring many years of use, and promotes natural play and creativity, while children develop their physical and social skills.