No later than 3 months after installation, all tools must be tensioned.
At the same time, ropes, chains, shackles, and other moving parts should be checked.

To prevent accidents on the playground, the owner or manager should ensure that an appropriate maintenance plan is drawn up.
The plan should contain information on which components must be maintained on each individual tool and on the fall base.
It should also contain procedures for correspondingly relevant things, such as damage and vandalism.

Routine maintenance:

The routine maintenance should consist of preventive measures in order to maintain the safety and functional level of the playground.
Such measures should be carried out at regular intervals, and at least include the following points:

  • The play area is kept clean and well-kept.
  • Fall surfaces are leveled and cleaned of sharp objects and other debris.
  • Cleaning of playground equipment. (a)
  • Lubrication of bearings and other moving parts.
  • Replacement of worn and defective parts of ropes, chains, shackles, shackles and other moving parts.

Remedial Maintenance:

Corrective maintenance has the character of a comprehensive effort, which is carried out in connection with the annual main inspection.
Corrective maintenance includes measures to remedy faults, or to re-establish the necessary level of safety for play equipment and fall surfaces.

Such measures include the following points:

  • Replenishment of loose fall base.

  • Cleaning of playground equipment. (a)

  • Tightening of loosened parts, especially bolts, brackets and suspensions.

  • Replacement of defective building and construction parts.

  • Surface treatment of woodwork. (b)

(a): Maintenance is also a thorough cleaning of all play equipment at least once a year, especially play towers and climbing equipment.
Sand, dirt, moss and algae and fallout from plants and trees retain moisture and increase the risk of fungi and rot attack.
Cleaning is easy with an ordinary soft brush and clean water.
Both moss and algae can be removed with commercially available means against green coverings.
The choice of agent and method depends on the nature of the coating, and the seller of the agent recommends a method that should be followed.

(b): It applies to all wood that its lifespan is increased by regular treatment with the correct wood protection. However, Norna Playgrounds’ guarantee remains for robinia wood regardless of whether it is treated or not. Most often, the cost of ongoing maintenance will exceed the value of the increased life of the product when it comes to robinia wood.