Natural playground equipment

NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is a Nordic service and production company which designs, produces and delivers natural playground equipment and playground solutions for children of all ages.

In close cooperation with our partners, we deliver high-quality natural playgrounds to most parts of the world. Free play is an important element in children’s development. We therefore focus on the development of playground equipment that stimulates children’s abilities for free, natural and unrestricted play.

NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ products are characterized by design and production with a focus on quality. We continuously invest in the development of our factory, technologies, and processes to ensure delivery of the very best products and solutions in the market. Sustainability is essential for NORNA PLAYGROUNDS, and we actively work to reduce our environmental footprint throughout the value chain. Our factory is FSC® certified, and we exclusively use FSC® certified wood in our products. On the products’ journey to the customer, we also prioritize reducing our climate and environmental impact through our SMART PACKING system, which contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions and minimizes shipping costs.

With SMART ROBINIA®, NORNA PLAYGROUNDS has developed a unique modular pre-drilling system for Robinia wood. SMART ROBINIA® ensures easy and correct installation of our equipment with few tools. SMART ROBINIA® is also the customer’s guarantee of access to easily replaceable spare parts.

Our vision is that it should be a good experience to acquire a NORNA PLAYGROUNDS solution. That is why we continuously focus on developing our Service and Support Center. As a business partner, you get service and support from idea to delivery to ensure that you have the best and most professional partner behind you. We are experts in natural playgrounds and are, among other things, known for our short response and delivery times.