NORNA BASIC is a line of simple balance and climbing equipment of high quality, designed with a clear concept in mind: to create safe, fun, and challenging play experiences with a critical fall height of under 1 meter. This usually means no additional fall surface is needed other than well-established grass, making the installation easier and more cost-effective.

Quality and sustainability

All play equipment in the NORNA BASIC series is made from high-quality FSC®-certified robinia wood and heartwood pine. All equipment in this series relies on Ø10/12 cm posts, making them a good economical choice without compromising on quality.

Easy installation

The equipment comes pre-drilled using our unique SMART ROBINIA® pre-drilling system, ensuring a quick and hassle-free installation without the need for special tools. With the prefabricated design where all posts are pre-drilled, nets are mounted, and all joints are pre-fitted, the assembly is quick and effortless. Moreover, the posts are easy to work with as the total length of the Ø10/12 cm posts doesn’t exceed 2.1 m (this does not apply if sunshades are included).


All pieces are manufactured in compliance with the safety requirements of the DS/EN 1176 standard. Additionally, all standalone play equipment in the BASIC series is TÜV-certified.

Challenge and fun in balance

The NORNA BASIC series includes a variety of play equipment, including balance and climbing gear, balance trails, a sensory garden, outdoor furniture, and hammocks. All designed to provide children with a fun and challenging play experience, where free play and imagination flourish, while they develop their physical and social skills.